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Why renewed?

The phone endures 36 tests tougher than the JEEs, just for you. Besides the A grade quality, thorough quality checks, phenomenal prices all boxed with your favourite phone? Wait, do you really need any other reasons?

What does renewed mean?

It's pretty simple, to be honest. It's the phones that were the source of happiness for someone else before you. But now they are here, for you as it was destined to reach you in all its glory. It functions like a pro, is beautiful and as smart as you like 'em.

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Mobex Store Samsung 10 Plus

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Mobex Store One Plus 6T

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Mobex Store Vivo V17 Pro

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Our Process

We don't just renew, we nurture them to the best of our ability to give you the most seamless experience.

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Step 1


We go fishing for the healthiest of the phones out there, willing to go that extra mile for you. From the most trusted sources, we handpick the phones. Feeling special yet?

Step 2

Health Checks

We sit down with our microscope and look for any possible scratches or dents that could be missed. Yes, we are as observant as they come.

Step 3


Sometimes, even the best of players need some help. So, if a phone that survived those life-altering tests needs some minor replacement or repair work,

Step 4

Quality Tests and Checks

You thought we'd just settle? Never. Each phone goes through an exhaustive round of 31 quality checks and the ones that survive, they come out to bring you happiness.

Step 5

Successful Sanitation

Before we box your happiness, the phone is put in a UV box where it is fully disinfected and sanitised. Solid aur safe, dono.

Step 6


Like an excited child, we pack your phone as nicely and carefully as possible to give you the most exciting unboxing experience. We have eyes everywhere,

Step 7


All brand new and shiny, we send your phone off with dhher sara pyar.